A Trip to Sagres

Sagres has turned into one of the surf hotspots in Portugal. But the small village has a lot more to offer, which is why it should be on your list.

Surfspot Sagres

Sagres has become a popular meeting place for backpackers and surfers. There are several surfing schools that offer courses for all: from beginners to professionals. Surfing equipment can be rented and there are also various offers for the trend sport SUP.

You can find a big variety of restaurants for different tastes in Sagres: from traditional to modern and from Portuguese to international cuisine.

The restaurants and bars are lined up on the main road to the harbor and you can also go out for some drinks and party there.

Fortaleza de Sagres

The Fortaleza de Sagres is located before the entrance to Sagres and is a very important historical monument. The fort was the home of Henry the Navigator and the starting point for the Portuguese maritime discoveries – even though Sagres was thought to be the end of the world! The Fortaleza is an impressive fort with a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean, the surrounding coast, and the light house at Cabo de São Vincente.

On the 1000 m long and 300 m wide headland inside the fort there is a path along the cliffs which are up to 75 m high. From this path you can see the west coast and the south coast of Portugal. You should not miss the breathtaking sunset here.


From Sagres you can quickly reach beaches on the south coast and on the west coast. You can choose the best suited beach depending on the wind conditions and on whether you want to surf, windsurf or swim. Here is a small selection:

Praia do Martina is an extensive dune beach at the south coast and offers good windsurfing conditions and all sorts of activities such as massages, yoga and pedal boats.

Praia do Tonel is one of the hotspots for surfers for much of the year. In summer also bathers enjoy the magnificent beach.

Praia da Mareta is a perfect beach for families as it is the largest beach in the area and sheltered from the wind. There are several restaurants and you can practice various water sports.


The sheltered fishing port of Sagres is located on the east side of the village and one of the best in Portugal. Around 3 p.m., there is a daily auction (except on Sundays) of the fish that was caught by the local fishermen. The fish is brought directly from the fishing boats to the auction room and auctioned to dealers and restaurateurs.

This is one of the most modern fish auctions in Europe. You can watch the auction from the little restaurant above the auction room that serves quite cheap and very tasty Portuguese specialties such as fish and seafood.